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What We Can Do For You

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Building Options

We'll use your plans or design it with you.  We started working on exclusively new homes but have enjoyed getting into historic remodels and whole house renovations.  This was the first house we built for a customer in Powhatan.  Bring us your Concept we'll help you Design and specify it and then we'll do the Work.


Customized for You

Unlike others we do a lot of our design work in-house and in the house.   In-house we use Softplan to provide accurate plans to convey your wishes to the various contractors.  This also allows us to do 3d modeling to make those extra touches before we go to construction.  When done in the house, in the process of New or Remodel work I like to call these our "happy little accidents."



Always Changing

You may have purchased your home with the idea of renovations, or they may be necessitated by unforeseen events. Whatever the impetus we do more complicated renovations that center on our core values.  We never settle till the job is done and are driven by the idea that "It could be better."

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