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Let us be part of your story.

The author is you.  
We are THE tool.

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Thoughtful, Hard-working, and Efficient.


Have you ever heard the expression, “what was the builder thinking?”   Tiny bedrooms too small for bed, choppy floor plans.  While we express our creativity through construction we are mindful of our customers' needs while trying to meet the unique demands of the modern home. 


Thoughtfulness flows from us like a Bob Ross painting. We have the end in mind but we let you be the brush and look forward to the happy little accidents along the way.  


Thoughtfulness in custom home construction involves applying our industry insights to your wants, needs, and desires to produce the highest quality result. 


When we build speculatively we also you have you in mind.  From trendy new tech like Nema 40 car charges, solar panels, and speed ovens to reducing the number of steps into your house. 


CDW Homes are: Built for the way you live.  


We don’t just do it that way because someone else does it that way, we always want to know WHY.  Our guiding principle in thoughtfulness is the mantra of,  “It could be better”. 


We’re always learning. 



I’ve heard of other builders where the owner came from management or accounting. Maybe they saw margins and $$.  At CDW we put our thoughtfulness into action with blood and sweat.  


That means when we get to the job and the last subcontractor didn’t pick up after himself, sure we’ll write him up, but we’ll also clean up after him.   We’ll crawl under the house to make sure the install is correct rather than just trusting it was done right.  


When my footing sub couldn’t make the schedule and concrete was a month out. I found a window of time so I could dig the footing myself and get concrete because others were fearing the rain.  We’ll dig footing, and frame walls, but we also do the hard work of making sure the job is ready.   Sometimes that’s staying late or pressing hard on the schedule to get you in before an interest rate hike. 



When UPS plans its routes, they avoid left turns. At CDW we plan the most efficient route to get you into your home with as many right turns as possible.   


When scheduling subs we home in on the construction process with our project management system to keep the job moving.


When it comes to the steps into your home if we can take one block course out of your foundation by lowering your crawlspace, that saves one step into your house over every time you cross your threshold. That’s where efficiency pays dividends.  


When plywood and I-Joist started climbing. We started taking another look at dimensional lumber. If there is a more cost-effective way of doing something we test it out.  The systems and processes that we have evolved ensure that we can build with minimum waste. 


Nothing is quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all. —Peter F. Drucker

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